Our offer to the customer

  • Operates in real-time
    Via efficient in-memory execution of the API calls.
  • Offers transparency
    Via the integrated logging of the API calls (who, when, which), and execution times and results.
  • Creates simplicity
    Due to decoupling, APIs can be optimally designed according to the needs of the API user and can be simply maintained.
  • Seamless Integration of Legacy Applications
    Via a comprehensive set of adapters connecting data-storing systems using various access protocols.
  • Integration with external services
    It will be possible to connect thousands of useful services to your business.

What is an API?

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of defined rules that enable different applications to communicate with each other. It acts as an intermediary layer that processes data transfers between systems, letting companies open their application data and functionality to external third-party developers, business partners, and internal departments within their companies.

The definitions and protocols within an API help businesses connect the many different applications they use in day-to-day operations, which saves employees time and breaks down silos that hinder collaboration and innovation. For developers, API documentation provides the interface for communication between applications, simplifying application integration.